With its dimensions optimizing space in small to medium locations, the Concerto offers an ideal freestanding beverage solution.

Also available with a 13.3 ” full hd screen, Conerto Touch features a wider drinks menu.



A reduction in size doesn’t mean limited choice either: the elegant Concerto delivers a large selection of quality hot and cold options to suit every taste. These units notably feature Z4000 espresso and double espresso technology alongside sturdy Italian craftsmanship ensuring the Concerto a role as a benchmark product within the vending industry for some years to come.

Design & User Interface

  • Elegant black/silver aesthetics coloured by two eye-catching panels lit by LED.
  • Capacitive selection panel surrounded by a chrome plated frame.
  • Possibility to install up to three payment systems in the payment area.
  • Easy management of the machine set up and drinks menu through GIGA.
  • Easy and quick cleaning of the delivery area grid.

Concerto Touch, the 13.3 ” full hd screen features a wider drinks menu compared to the traditional models. With Concerto Touch, operators will benefit from extraordinary simplicity in machine management simplicity thanks to latest-generation electronics.


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