Maestro Touch

Elegant, with external profiles in black anodised aluminium, black door and dark grey cabinet and a frameless, all-glass touchscreen: this is Maestro Touch, new high-end vending model for the hot drinks market.



Maestro Touch focuses on cutting-edge performances and on the ability for consumers to customise their drinks and to consult nutritional information to identify the most suitable product for their needs.
The electronics have been completely renewed, with a latest generation microprocessor and advanced software that leads to easier machine management and programming, and to a high level of personalization of the graphic interface.
All the technical and aesthetic innovations lead to an exciting User Experience: Maestro Touch brings your break to a higher level.

An attractive full HD touchscreen

Maestro Touch features a 24” LCD industrial display with full HD resolution (1920x1080pxl) with innovative characteristics such as:
– retro-projected capacitive touch technology
– 6 mm tempered glass protection
– 16:9 format in portrait position
– wide viewing angle of 178°/178°
– brightness level of 300cd/m²

The end user can experience a unique break thanks to a flexible and dynamic GUI which allows navigation through product categories, high degree of drink customization, possibility to consult nutritional information. Moreover, a filter function for advanced search (gluten free, caffeine free, bio) and a quick selection for “my favourite” drink are available.

CPU board and software

Maestro Touch is fitted with a latest generation CPU with multimedia accelerator and it has a unique board for both machine and touchscreen. The technical features are: 32GB memory + 4GB RAM, 2 Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connections and 3G/4G optional module. The machines feature 4 USB ports (2 USB 3.0) and serial RS232 for EVA-DTS data transmission.
The machine programming is easy and flexible thanks to a new innovative “browser-like” interface. The data entry is simple thanks to a graphic interface with Drag&Drop function. There is the possibility to program the machine on the laptop and then upload the set up via USB.


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