With its wide range of products on offer, Samba offers a flexible vending experience to satisfy all tastes and needs by using cutting edge dispensing technologies such as Softvend and ETL (Electronic Tray Labels).


Innovative technology combined with elegant design.

Stylish and contemporary, Samba, with its neat and understated aesthetics, looks good in any environment. Available in two versions (Classic and Top), Samba ideally addresses a wide variety of vending requirements.

Patented technologies for enhanced performances, Samba range has a flexible layout that can offer both snack, fresh food and cans and bottles

The patented Softvend dispensing system grants a secure delivery of even the most fragile items.

The ETL system (Electronic Tray Labels) offers additional benefits in functionality, in communication and in the ease and speed with which customers – and operators – can interact with the machine.

Design & User Interface

  • Elegant aluminum door with bright polycarbonate inserts.
  • A patented directional LED lighting guides the user through the selection, payment and delivery processes.
  • The user interface can host up to three payment systems.

Temperature management

Samba can electronically manage up to three temperatures inside the cell, granting the best freshness of the dispensed products.  Uniform : Snack 8° – 12° C / Stratified : Snack 8° – 14° C, Can & Bottle 5° – 8° C.


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