At The Vend Shop we supply vending machines for a variety of industries via Vending independent operators and Vending franchise group operators as well as direct to organisations with a specific vending requirement.   Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can recommend a vending operator who can look after your vending needs.

Do you need to free vend a product? Allocate staff an allowance via an employee staff card or  membership card to vend snack or safety equipment?  

From ‘tap n pay’ card readers,  security cards, membership cards our telephony solutions allow you to monitor what products are selling in real time from a machine.

Business Locations

From CBD offices to remote mine sites, our vending machines can be found in all sorts of locations dispensing fresh food to safety gear.  Our coffee machines cater for both small and large staff numbers.


We supply a variety of gym groups nationally with drink machines and drink/snack combo vending machines.


We supply machines for a variety of outdoor locations that include vandal proof solutions.

End of Trip

Need a combo machine specifically configured for end of trip? Talk to us today about configuration options to suit your end of trip requirements

Event Vending

Are you running a sporting event, a tv/film/entertainment production, an advertising agency or events management company running an event? Talk to us today about our event vending solutions from 1 Week to 1 year, we take care of your needs.

Company Promotional Vending

Do you have a specific product you want to promote or samples you want to vend? From wrapping a vending machine in your brand to using our machine technology to vend samples, we can help! Talk to us today about your custom promotional vending solution.


We supply vending solutions for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) vending for both retail and internal requirements including:
• Respiratory protection – for example, disposable, cartridge, air line, half or full face
• Eye protection – for example, spectacles/goggles, shields, visors
• Hearing protection – for example, ear muffs and plugs
• Hand protection – for example, gloves and barrier creams


Healthy vending is now common place in Schools, TAFEs and Universities. NSW State government regulations means we work closely with NSW Government to supply vending machines that meet strict Government criteria. Whether you’re a Government, Independent or private educational institution contact us today and we’ll provide you with the latest information on State Government vending framework both in NSW and other states in Australia.

Our Clients


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